I began watercolour painting in late 2012. It is said to be the most difficult painting medium to master as it has to be done right first time and you can't cover up mistakes. Some Watercolour techniques produce slightly uncontrolled effects like the wet-in-wet technique, so things happen that are often out of your control. This can produce wonderful skies!

Since struggling to understand how to mix colours and how to produce certain effects, I'm now enjoying learning and experimenting . Some of my practice pieces are based on well known artists work while the rest are from my imagination or based on old black and white photos.

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Highly Commended 2015 

The Shepherd.

Highly Commended 2015 

The Wheelwrights.

An experiment into producing a smoky, steamy effect of the wheelwrights pouring water over the red hot iron wheel tyre.


Black waterproof ink on a white board is carefully scraped away to reveal the white base. It simulates introducing light into darkness to provide visible detail rather than the converse method like pencil or ink drawing where detail is provided by the ironic addition of dark into light.


(to be added later)

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