Card models may be thought to be a little unusual these days since the advent of Airfix in the late 1940's and all subsequent plastic 'kits'. Some of you may remember Micromodels from your youth that were very small and challenging to build. If they still appeal to you I suggest you try out some of Keith Hunts amazing card model locomotive; quite the finest you will find. They are very accurate representations of the real locos here in North Wales - the land of "Great Little Trains".

Keith's models can be built either with simple printed valvegear or as the more challenging and far more pleasing detailed version.

Check out Keith's website:

Above: A brilliant FR Baldwin 'bar-frame' loco. Yes, the frames are cut out

and is shown about 3x larger than the finished model.

Below: Components being cut from an A4 card.


Above: WHR 'Russell' showing the highly detailed chassis and valvegear.

Below: A completed 'Russell'.


Here are some fascinating videos of a few working paper models:


The following video is a computer generated model that could be the inspiration for someone to build it in paper/card. Any takers?


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