North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways early 4-wheel Carriage (c1870)

This 7.25 inch gauge carriage is based on a small sketch of the original 1870's carriages used on the NWNGR (North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways) that was the part of the Welsh Highland Railway in Snowdonia, North Wales. The original was only about 10 ft long (3m) so the model is about 1m long. It's mounted on an old style Cromar White 4-wheel chassis kindly supplied by Tony Martin of Cromar White here on the Isle of Anglesey. Even though it has a short wheelbase it has some difficulty negotiating tight curves and also gives a terrifying ride when running behind some of the fast steam locos that have hauled it. A bogie carriage would have been far better riding and more spacious for an adult.


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