Updated February 2013-

Are you a Mills, Boxall, Parode, Newman, Juaniz or Echalaz ?

If so you may find a family connection here.

I have carried out some research over the last few years in the hope of discovering some long-lost family connections.

A member of the Parode family in America has already found me through this website and informed me of others here in the UK.

The attached Microsoft Excel file is just an outline of what I have already compiled on paper. It will be developed further with more branches and further back in time as the information is discovered.


Please open or download the Excel file and you will find name tabs along the bottom.

You can start anywhere and click on any hyperlinked name to take you forwards or backwards through the family. Click under CHILDREN to take you forwards in time, or click under FATHER or MOTHER to take you back in time

Family Tree 4.xls Family Tree 4.xls
Size : 161.5 Kb
Type : xls


Some names listed:

David Victor Mills, Victor Percival Mills, Percival Mills, Louisa Jane Mills, Ada Woolgar Mills, Albert William Mills, Morris Harold Mills, Alfred Mills, Florence Beatrice Mills, Theresa Dora Mills, Victor Ferdinand Mills, Sidney Archer Mills, Gladys Nola Mills, Marie Winifred Mills, Violet Linda Mills, Harold Mills, Walter William Mills, Helen Mills, Jane Mills, Elizabeth Mills, Morris Mills, Mary Ann Mills, Isabel Mills, William Mills, Sarah Mills, John Mills, Jane Boxall, Jane Woolgar, Frances Woolgar, James Woolgar, Barbara Sayers, Evelyn May Parode, Florence Marion Parode, Annie Parode, Lily Newman Parode, Jessie R Parode, William Newman Parode, Vincent Joseph Echalaz Parode, Mary Parode, Anne Allen Parode, Rosetta Newman Parode, Elizabeth Hodges, Henry Hodges, Ann Rose, Elizabeth Ewan, Mary Newman Echalaz, Antonio Parode, Vincente Juaniz Echalaz, Joyce Newman, Annie Smith, David Casson Smith, Albert Smith, Matilda Smith, Hetti Smith, Doris Smith, Fred Smith, Maud Smith, Victoria Louise Smith, William Smith, Benjamin Smith, Annie Lowe, Fred Lowe, Harold Lowe, Charles Lowe, Elizabeth Fletcher, Frances Fletcher, Esther Fletcher, Edith Fletcher, Joseph Fletcher, John Fletcher, Tilly Fletcher, Emily Fletcher, Fletchers Sauce, Matthew Fletcher, Elizabeth Casson, William Casson,

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