This page will cover various scales and gauges used in Garden Railways.

Typically they will be 10mm, 15mm, 16mm per foot.

10mm on 45mm (Gauge 1) track is standard gauge railways.

15mm on 45mm track is for Irish and Isle of Man Railways (15mm on 45mm track = 3 ft gauge)

16mm on 32mm track is for 2 ft gauge narrow gauge railways.

16mm on 64mm (Gauge 3) track is for the 4 ft Padarn Railway. This is a completely NEW idea in its development stage.

BELOW: Gauge One in the garden

 My interest in Gauge One started many years ago when I visited my local National Trust property Penrhyn Castle where some good friends worked on restoring the industrial steam locomotive collection. Among the various smaller exhibits was a large collection of fairly crude, but very impressive Bassett Lowke Gauge One model locos and wagons from the magnificent Snowshill Manor NT property in the Cotswolds. I thought they were far more impressive than the O gauge models I was familiar with, so I decided to start a small collection of my own. As very little seemed to be available commercially at an affordable price, I decided to start building them myself. 

These are a selection of the wagons to date together with a couple of locos in various states of completion.


BELOW: 15mm scale on 45mm gauge = 3 ft

LITTLE EGRET (Hunslet Leeds) 

BELOW: Three locos converted to battery power and some with radio control using latest 2.4GHz system.

BELOW: A new 16mm scale project for 64mm gauge track.
4ft gauge Padarn Railway Hunslet:


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