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The 5" JLR (Joys of Life Railway) was original known as the PGR (Penrhyn Garden Railway)

See 5" Penrhyn Garden Railway page for historic photos and video >

The recent refurbishment of the old PGR as the JLR has been carried out by the current owners Drs. Ieuan and Wendy Jones and a band of young hard working enthusiasts lead by William High.

Since the refurbishment of the railway there have been a number of running days that have seen many visiting locomotives. In additions to the stock left by Terry Robinson in 2000 Ieuan has purchased a new electric locomotive and various items of rolling stock.

It is a pleasure to see the little railway comming back to life and for the chance to run my locomotive Welsh Pony on this fabulously scenic railway.

Thanks go to the late Terry Robinson for his very hard work in building it, the Jones' for their hard work, the enthusiasts who are helping to restore it, William High and his family and all his friends for becoming involved with the restoration and the new friends who have join in the work and run their locomotives.

The future again looks good for The Great "Littlest" Trains of Wales.



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"ATTILA" the Hunslet takes to the tracks.

11 Oct 2009 saw William High's new Hunslet loco "Attila" take its first run at the Joys of Life railway. She performed magnificently on a damp and very leafy track.  

The courtyard and accommodation at the Joys of Life.

You may contact the owners for accommodation details on:


William High who saw the railway as a very young boy and persuaded his parents to take him to see the line again a couple of years ago. He then decided 'something' had to be done about it, but unlike many he got stuck in with his father David High, his family and his friends. Congratulations Will.


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