The Entire Monorail system may be moving to Oswestry in 2012/13

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 This is currently the only working steam monorail locomotive in the world. It can be found near Blaunau Ffestiniog, the heart of the narrow gauge railway country in North Wales and can be described as the true 0 (zero) gauge railway. The loco was built by Century Millwrights on an island in the River Thames in 1997/8. It uses the chassis of a former Metalair Mark VI wagon and weighs approximately 1.5 tons. Its wheel arrangement is classed as 0-2-0 while the center driving axle is not fitted with a wheel, but carries the brake mechanism.

The day it was filmed was wet, windy and cold as you will notice by the excessive wind noise at times. On leaving the monorail site I headed northwards home and after driving over the mountains through dense mist I came out into hot summer sunshine in the Conwy Valley. Wales is known for its wildly variable climate, even just a few miles apart. 


This is almost 9 minutes long and may be edited later 

Watch this space for more photos 

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