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Currently available talks:

1) Rails to Red Wharf Bay.

An illustrated history of this little-known railway than ran on Anglesey between 1908 and 1950)

This has been presented over 24 times to date.

See the Red Wharf Bay Railway in the Navigation on the right >

and the two pages and reader comments on the BBC website >


2) Saunders-Roe Hydrofoil R-103 "Bras d'Or"

Starting with the early development of the hydrofoil in Canada this talk concentrates on the Saunders-Roe built Bras d'Or of the 1950's.

3)  World's first Aluminium Motor Torpedo Boat P1602

A new illustrated talk is based on new information using photographs, drawings, sound recordings and recollections. See this website page.

4) Saunders-Roe - The 'Dark' Class Fast Patrol Boats

This will an be an ideal follow up to Britain's and Saunders-Roe's first experimental aluminium MTB 539. The 'Dark' Class of the mid 1950's were built for Britain, Finland, Burma and even one for Japan.

5) Stronach-Dutton Road-Rail System.

This little-known road-rail system was developed in the 1920's to enable very light two foot gauge railways to be constructed over rough ground with sharp curves and steep gradients very cheaply. The rolling stock ran on the rails while the steam and petrol tractors were supported at one or both ends on a bogie, but the rubber road wheels drove on the ground each side of the rails for higher grip. It kept the greatest weight off the rails on on the ground.  

6) Weird and Wonderful Railway Inventions.

A light hearted look at some very curious ideas have been suggested and even tested over the 200 years of railways around the world. This should raise some eyebrows and laughs!

Future talks in preparation:

Saunders-Roe and their many products.

This will an ideal fo follow-up talk after the World's First Aluminium Torpedo Boat - MTB 539 or the 'Dark' Class MTBs and cover a range of the company's many other products.


Building Miniature Railway rolling stock.

Based on the 5" Welsh Pony and the 7.25" Carriage and Caboose.


The Medieval Industrial Revolution. This will cover lesser-known industrial developments that have been ignored as major industrial developments in preference to the later so-called 'Industrial Revolution'.


Chinese Discoveries and Inventions. A look at how the Chinese were well ahead of the rest of the world in their scientific inventions and achievements. It was often centuries later that we caught up with what the Chinese had already discovered or invented. 


A Brief History of Copper. A brief outline of the dicovery and extraction of copper from ancient times and the many amazing surviving artifacts of this beautiful metalic element. Copper was the first metal to be extracted and used my man and later alloyed with tin to produce Bronze and with zinc to produce Brass.


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