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British Film Institute: NEWLY RELEASED FILM FROM THE 1920's

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  • Rails to Red Wharf Bay
  • SARO. The Early Years
  • SARO experimental Motor Torpedo Boat 539
  • SARO Hydrofoil 'Bras d'Or'
  • SARO Dark Class Fast Patrol Boats
  • SARO MTBs and FPBs
  • The Navvy
  • Weired & Wonderful Railway Inventions
  • Stronch-Dutton Road-Rail System
  • Designing and Building Laser Cut Kits.


Saunders-Roe Magazines

A new DVD of 35 Saunders-Roe company magazines from 1949 to 1959. Produced for printing A4 or simply viewing on screen. 

Includes a 'hyperlinked' index to all articles. Just open the Excel Index and click on the article you wish to read, or simply browse the pages from the two magazine folders.

"The New Slipway" was the first magazine from late 1949 to 1952.

"SARO Progress" ran from 1953 to 1959.

The interactive Index list is colour coded for ease of use. 

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Timeless Design bi-Annual Awards 

WINNER FOR 2012-13 David Victor Mills, author and designer of

"The bringing together of art and sciences with old and new insights into subjects with cultural and social implications".


I am an enthusiastic photographer and recent Chairman of the Beaumaris and Menai Bridge Camera Club. I have many other interests and involvements such as Watercolour paintingAudio Visual, steam engines and marine steam, especially that of the Mills Compound Engine (Beaumaris Compound Engine) designed by my father Victor Percival Mills. My father also carried out design work on Britain's First all-aluminium Motor Torpedo Boat MTB 539 (P1602) around 1945 and I have recently found a collection of rare photographs and drawings of it and other SARO products. I'm scanning many thousands of old Saunders-Roe photo negatives that have survived over 60 years. Many are badly damaged through age and varying storage conditions, but many are still excellent. I have produced a DVD of thirty five company magazines complete with an interactive index. I'm also interest in steamboats and manned model ships, model and miniature railways and the 5 inch gauge Joys of Life Railway, formerly known as the Penrhyn Garden Railway where my own designed and hand built petrol locomotive Welsh Pony operates. The 7.25 inch gauge is also being modelled including a 1/3 scale copy of an early North Wales Narrow Gauge Railways (Welsh Highland railway) four-wheel coach and an American caboose recently been built for an enthusiast in Leicestershire. I also have a large collection of photographs of the Red Wharf Bay Railway on the Isle of Anglesey and give illustrated talks on the subject. Other smaller models include Gauge One (1/32 scale) and 7mm scale narrow Gauge in the form of Cwm Hir Quarry layout. Various types of Card models are also being investigated and designed. Yet another interest is in very early radio of which I have a collection of crystal and early 1920's valve radios and I'm a member of the local Friends of Marconi Society that annually celebrates the first transmissions to Australia without relay stations in 1921 from the old Marconi Station near Waenfawr. For the last 20 years I have been the Hon. Secretary of the Gwynedd Engineering Society that meets six times a year in Bangor, Gwynedd. In my spare time I'm assisting in the building of a very extensive e-book on Industrial Archaeology of Snowdonia and Anglesey. The latest ebookI have been involved with is Wainwrights Snowdonia in Photos.

A brief outline of my Family Tree is included. This is being regularly updated as I have time to add the hundreds of names to it. 

My latest interest is in watercolour painting that I started at the end of 2012.


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