Painting with Light  is a technique for photographing in the dark but scanning torchlight over a subject. The following six images is an experimental shoot made into a 1 minute AV.

Please download to your PC as it's a compressed exe file.

Church Church
Size : 3.489 Kb
Type : zip


Try out the following experimental audio visual 'Misty'  in a calm, quiet and contemplative mood. Turn up your sound, turn down the lights, turn off any other noise and just be patient as this SINGLE image AV gradually evolves over approximately 3 minutes.

It is a VERY simple little test piece using only one photograph!

Please download to your PC as it's a compressed exe file.

Misty 3-5 mins Misty 3-5 mins
Size : 5.693 Kb
Type : zip


Audio Visuals can take many forms. Perhaps the simplest are produced in Powerpoint, but there does not appear to be any dissolve facility using this software. Pictures to Exe and Proshow Gold are two popular methods of producing AV's particularly with photographs that need to be synchronised to a soundtrack.

I originally started with a single slide projector and a tape recorder that had no synchronisation. I used a stopwatch and a change times noted on a sheet of paper. They were approximate as every time the tape recorder ran the duration varied slightly. This gradually threw the timing out by as much as about 20 seconds over 10 minutes. This meant having to make continuous mental re-calculations as the show progressed. As you can imagine, it was very stressfull and I never could just sit back and watch my shows.

Later I bought a pair of matching GAF projectors modified to run off an Imatronic digital dissolve unit operated from a Marantz Superscope 4-track tape recorder. Now I could record the dissolves via the control box onto a spare track on the four-track recorder and then let it replay itself.

Moving into the computer age has brought us Proshow Gold that I am starting to learn to use. I don't find it anything like as natural and intuitive to work as there is no hand controller to apply the disolves. I think this would be an extremely usefull feature to develope in the future.



Not exactly an AV, but this very cute 'macro' animation shows what can be done with a compact camera on a tripod, some lighting and IMAGINATION


John Rowell and Marion Waine have an excellent AV website at Chasing the Light.

They both produce first class work and run the North Wales & Wirral AV Group:

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