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                                                Hi Folks !

The L&NWR (Llan*** & North Wales Railway) is a private 7.25" gauge railway at the home of John Davies, Jan Lewis and Sam the dog (identity of location witheld to protect the guilty!)

The original railway was built by the previous owner Peter Bagnall, but later sold the house and railway to John and Jan in 2000. Since then there has been a great deal of development including replacement of trackwork and extensions using products from Tony Martin of Cromar White. It is used also as a test track for John and Tony.  

The following photos have been taken over a number of events and show a selection of visiting locos and friends.


Mick Savage driving his "Ella" 


The Heywood Society visit. "Goliath" takes the strain. 


The following six videos were taken at various events:


John in Frank Cristie's "Buffet" car at Frank's lovely private railway (pike) near Corwen, North Wales.

                                        That's all folks!


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