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Canon 50D added to current equipment.

Found: Rare DANDYCAM camera - see page end.

Welcome to my world of photography.

I have been producing photographic images using film for many years and digitally more recently.

Digital has almost entirely taken over from film dispite me still having an old 5"x4" MPP camera with Schneider 90mm Super Angulon lens producing stunning quality from this large format. 

I currently use my fist digital camera, a Canon 20D EOS camera.

Lenses are a 17-40L f4  and a 70-200L IS f2.8 lens. These have proved to be most satisfactoy lenses. It would be nice to upgrade thecamera now that considerable improvements have been made in the last few years.

NEWS: I have just purchased a mint Canon 50D with battery hand grip. This is a huge improvement over the trusty 8.3Mp 20D. The 50D has 15.1Mp and can operated at very high ISO with little degradation in low light. 

The 17-40mm lens has been used for much of my work. The 70-200mm is a real stunner with image stabilisation enabling hand holding at what would normally be considered impossibly slow shutter speeds. It may not be as heavy as the old Benbo tripod, but worth some discomfort to carry it for the results it produces. One has to suffer some pain for pleasure!


All images on this page are copyright. Reproduction, transmission or storage in any form without permission is expressly forbidden.


All my photographs are available to purchase as mounted or framed prints



Open Competition 1st  - Abandoned 


Highly Commended - Bottle of Poppies



2010 PHOTOGRAPHY NEWS:        

  • Double Winning Print,
  • Winning Digital Image,
  • Judge's Award for Best Print


  • 2010 NWPA 18 way Interclub Battle - Joint winning print (20/20)
  • BMBCC 'Landscape Print Cup' 2010 Annual Competition.                                                   Judge - Margaret Salisbury FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP, FIPF, FSWPP, MRIAP

Dawn MistEarly morning at Penmon at the South East tip of Anglesey. A print of this image has the characteristic of changing mood with the level of light that falls upon it. It looks particularly pleasing in a lower light as the lighthouse seem to become more prominent and the mist seems to creep around it. A very relaxing image.

 BMBCC 'Landscape Digital Cup' 2010 Annual Trophy Competition

Judge - Margaret Salisbury FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP, FIPF, FSWPP, MRIAP

  Morning (Bangor Pier from Anglesey)

 BMBCC 'Judge's Award' for Best Print 2010 Annual Competition

Judge - Margaret Salisbury FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP, FIPF, FSWPP, MRIAP

Evening at Beaumaris. (A digital modification of an old 35mm slide)

Living on the south east of the Isle of Anglesey close to the Menai Strait enables me to see the sun rise over the magnificent Snowdonia mountain range 'backdrop' of North Wales. The winter sun doesn't appear over the mountains until it has risen quite high and has lost most of its colour. 

The summer sun, however, rises further north east over the sea between Puffin Island at Penmon and the Great Orme on the mainland coast and has provided some wonderful lighting effects. 

Every day the light and sea conditions are different and unpredictable. This is why I enjoy living in this area, but you have to be out early to see it


Next is a small selection of dawn photographs taken on the Menai Strait:

Above and Below:

Bangor Pier vewed from Glyn Garth along the Menai Strait on the Isle of Anglesey. Canon 20D and the 70-200L IS f2.8 on max zoom and hand held at very slow shutter speeds.


Above: Another dawn view of Bangor Pier

Below: Beaumaris Bay from Gallows Point 

Morning light Beaumaris (April 2013) 

A few minutes later the sun appeared on the left of the mountain and traveled up and along the left edge. 


The Rising Sun. (The dense mist produces this coloured banding on the sun)


Rising Mist.  An early morning mist between Penmon Point (Trwyn Du) and Puffin Island. I had given up waiting next to the lighthouse that was in thick mist and drove away. I looked back in the car mirror and noticed the mist lift and the sun bathing the lighthouse in a dazzling light and the old tower on the island appeared out of the mist. I parked and raced across the fields to the old Dinmor Quarry to catch this view. No two dawns are alike here.


Dawn at Penmon. A very different mood to the one above. Taken around the equinox when the sun rises on the north tip of the Great Orme.


Moving away from the sea:

Freezing the action. (Multiple shutter speeds).

Lazy man's photography. Sunrise shot through the unopened double glazed bedroom window. 


Moon Disc. An atmospheric phenomenon producing a faint circular 'rainbow' effect around the moon. 


St. Tysilio's Church on Church Island, Menai Bridge, Anglesey. Built c630AD


Newark on Trent Castle (hand held exposure - with some difficulty!)


Pendragon Castle (somewhat 'fiddled' with)


Pendragon Castle - Version 2 


Slate Museum - Llanberis. A late night image using a torch to 'paint' light over the building (approx 1 minute exposure).


Slate Museum 2


A Span of Steel.     (Britannia Bridge over the Menai Strait)

This won a competition at the ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) 


Three infra red images taken with an ancient Ricoh 2.3Mp camera with a very deep red filter over the lens. These early cameras respond well to IR light and keep exposure times short.

Above St Mary's Church, Llanfairpwll on the Menai Striat using seven overlapping images to create this panoranic scene.

Below: Pembroke Castle


Above: Pen y Parc. My local disused reservoir.

Below: Nant Francon Pass on a VERY wet and gloomy day.
















A small selecton of candid portraits from Austria.




These Austrians were attending a colourful steet festival in the beautiful mountain village of Maria Alm in October 2008 where they enjoyed dressing in traditional fashion for their own pleasure rather than for entertaining tourists as we were there 'out of season'. Austria is a very lovely, tidy and clean country where it was totally relaxing and safe, even at night - unlike many parts of Britain!


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